About Us at The Grace Within
Aveana Deerheart is a Shaman, Minister, Healer, and Teacher
   Aveana has been a spiritual seeker her entire life. She is devoted to the balance of the Christ and the Goddess. She is a channel of Their Love for those seeking freedom from suffering and assistance in the Ascension process. Jesus the Christ said, "Of myself, I am nothing, I do not heal you, YOUR FAITH will heal you". And so it is now. Sitting with her as she channels the Love Light of her Guides is her gift to all people. Her belief is, "Our belief and faith in the Divine's Love has the ability to restore us to our perfection, a homeostasis of our selves. In turn, it brings a spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wellness." In her daily meditations, Aveana, is divinely guided to bring Their healing gifts to the earth and all of humanity. To make an appointment with Aveana call (631) 495-4988 or e-mail thegracewithin@yahoo.com
     Raven Moondance (a.k.a. Shenna Benarte)
 Raven Moondance is a teacher and practitioner of Moon Astrology, Reiki, Yoga, Feng Shui, Live Food Preparation, Shamanic Healing and Ceremony and other healing modalities.
She is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring a re-connection to Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon for personal empowerment and planetary healing. Raven writes the newsletter, Moon Astrology Update and also the MOON ASTROLOGY column in Velocity Magazine. (352)372-8594 in FL: fengshui216@hotmail.com
outside FL: moondance_raven@hotmail.com
  Raven is available for in person or by phone for Moon Astrology Readings as well as distance healings and chord cuttings. Call or e-mail for an appointment!

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